Olivia has croup!

She started coughing on Tuesday at daycare.  We got her in to see the pediatrician on call Tuesday evening who confirmed she had a ton of post nasal drip.  He recommended a cool mist vaporizer and lots of suctioning. Since we’re used to keeping an eye out for breathing difficulties he said to keep doing what we’re doing.

Wednesday she stayed home with Nana and Poppy for the day.  Her cough seemed to get better in the afternoon but she coughed a LOT Wednesday evening.

Today we sent her to daycare hoping for the best. Diana said she ate well but was very fussy.  Arnie then put a call into Dr. Heller (cardiologist) since Dr. Friedman is on vacation until Monday to find out what OTC medications Olivia can have to help with congestion.  Suctioning does very little good right now.

Dr. Heller was concerned about the cough taxing Olivia’s heart too much so she said she would call Dr. Friedman at home and consult with her.  Conveniently, Dr. Heller and Friedman are not only colleagues and friends – they are neighbors!  They agreed that Olivia should be prescribed liquid prednisone to help with her breathing.  Olivia’s cough should improve within HOURS of her first dose and thus far we can say that is the case!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about these women.  They go the extra mile and we feel so much better having talked to them.

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