Olivia at 8 months

An Olivia update

No synagis shot today as the insurance company had still not paid the pharmacy providing us with the medication.  The company in turn didn’t bother sending the meds. Unfortunately Arnie and I didn’t realize it until the visiting nurse arrived today.  Ugh.  After phone calls to both the insurance company and the pharmacy AND a fax to the pharmacy proving they were paid for January’s medications (not November or December, but that’s another issue), the pharmacy then agreed to ship out the medication for tomorrow.  It all boils down to a coding issue – the pharmacy is submitting it as an unclassified drug and the insurance company keeps denying it.  Ah, the joys of insurance these days…

Onto better news:
Olivia is 8 months old!  She says MAMA and DADA (Dada was first but that’s because she was brainwashed from an early age ).

Her second tooth started to pop through on March 19. It is the bottom right.  And the bottom left is now up enough that you can see it when she smiles.

She LOVES to stand.  Stand her in front of the coffee table and she will stand there for a very long time – most likely banging her hands on the table and laughing.  She is also trying to pull herself up to a standing position.  It won’t be long now!

On the morning of March 20th, Arnie went in to get Olivia out of her crib. She had somehow gotten herself to a sitting position!  We haven’t seen her do it since so we’re not quite sure how that happened.

She’s still not crawling but can get herself around a room pretty fast!  This morning she was pushing one of her toys around the room and then scooting up behind it.  Push and scoot, push and scoot.

Olivia starts full time daycare on April 4!

I will update again next week with Olivia’s stats after her synagis shot.

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