One year ago

It will be a year on Sunday that we found out about Olivia’s heart defect.  I reflect back to that day and how absolutely devastated we were, and then I look at our precious angel, and I still cannot believe how amazingly well everything has gone.  We were prepared for almost anything: developmental delays, monitoring at home, oxygen at home – and here we are … as normal as can be.  If you didn’t know Olivia had a defect, you would never guess she is “sick”.

We are so truly blessed to have both our beautiful girls in our life and to have such a wonderful support system in all of our family and friends.

Olivia – you amaze us daily with how strong you are.  As the saying goes “You’ve come a long way baby” and we cannot wait to see where you take us next.

Synagis shot / Olivia happenings

Olivia had her synagis shot today. She weighed 15 lbs, 14.5 oz! Heart rate was 138. Resp rate was 48.

Olivia is starting to MOVE on the floor. She’s rolling like a wild woman and can maneuver herself around the floor. Just yesterday Arnie had placed her on her mat and walked away for a minute. When he came back, she had moved 4 feet and had the mat on top of herself! Time to put those baby gates back up!

Olivia is sleeping through the night – finally. She has been either sleeping until 7AM or she’ll wake up at 4AM for a bottle. She likes to sleep on her belly or her side.

Olivia loves her big sister! She just lights up and laughs whenever Maddie Rose is around and paying attention to her. She likes to sit in her high chair and keep Maddie company while Maddie eats dinner.

We started cheerios this week with Olivia. She has mastered picking them up – but she doesn’t seem to be fond of the taste of them.

Eating: Olivia takes three jars of stage 2 baby food a day. She eats pretty much anything – however is still not a fan of the green veggies (she will gag terribly).

Olivia is starting to outgrow her 3-6 month clothing. She still wears size 2 diapers.

Next and FINAL synagis shot for the season is March 24 at 11:45AM.