Cardiac Catherization

Olivia’s procedure took about 2 hours in total. Dr. Leopold came out and said everything went according to plan. They didn’t need to go through the shunt so we were able to go home the same day.

Only one surprise which had even the doctor’s surprised.

All along we’ve been told that Olivia’s IVC (artery carrying returning blood from the lower half of her body) was “interrupted” meaning the blood didn’t go to the bottom of her heart but instead branched off to the top of her heart. Which meant that her body attempted to “fix” itself. When they did the second surgery, 90% of the third would be completed as well.

Her IVC is NOT interrupted. When they put the cath in and it went right into the bottom of her heart, Dr. Leopold was very surprised.  Only three separate doctors diagnosed the interrupted IVC so they’re going to go back and review all the tapes to see how they missed it.

The IVC not being interrupted isn’t a bad thing or good thing. I’ll admit at first I was almost disappointed it wasn’t because I liked the thought that she had tried to correct herself. But in reality, had her IVC been interrupted, it would have potentially made the Glenn surgery very hard on Olivia because that’s a lot of blood to adjust going to her lungs at once.

The next surgery will be taking her SVC artery (returning blood from the upper half of her body) and connecting it directly to her pulmonary artery. They will cut the shunt as well and tie it off.

Everything is ideal for going forward and having the next surgery. They are meeting next Tuesday (October 26) to present her cath report to all the cardiologists and the surgeon. At that point we’ll be getting a call from the surgeon’s assistant about scheduling her next heart surgery.

We actually got to view the pictures they took. It was soo amazing to watch her heart beating on screen and then watch the blood flowing through her veins toward her lungs (they inject dye and take xrays).

When Olivia had her first heart surgery done they had to fix one of her pulmonary arteries because it was too small – Dr. Leopold said he couldn’t tell which one it was because they all looked the same and great.

We were discharged at 3:30pm.

The staff at CCMC is just amazing. They remembered us from the other procedures. We met the other anethesiologist (Dr. Mathew) who was with Olivia during her first surgery. Apparently the first anethesiologist was a bit nervous about Olivia’s case so Dr. Mathew stayed longer to assist.  Dr. Mathew was so positive and oohing and aahing over Olivia … it made both Arnie and I so happy. I thanked him for taking such good care of our baby.

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