Cardiologist Appointment

Olivia now weighs 10 lbs, 12 oz! She’s gained a half pound in the last two weeks.

They first did an EKG which went just fine. It was the first one Olivia’s had outside of anything they may have run when she was first born. The tech said everything came back just fine. I noticed her heart rate was in the 150’s.

We then met with the medical student and then Dr. Heller.

Olivia’s oxygen levels have started to drop – she was measuring between 66% – 74% which did not surprise me as I’ve noticed she’s been a bit “bluer” recently. Dr. Heller commented that her lips were a bit raspberry colored (purple) versus a healthy person’s lips which are normally strawberry colored.

Based on the oxygen levels and the fact that Christmas is only two months away, we all agreed that it’s time to start thinking about the Glenn procedure.  I would rather spend Thanksgiving at CCMC than Christmas. And I would hate to push it off and then end up in an emergency situation where we need to do the surgery NOW.  I’d rather plan …

We’re planning to have the Glenn at the end of November give or take a week. This depends on the OR schedule and Dr. Mello’s schedule.

Our next step was to set up an appointment for a cardiac catherization which Dr. Leopold would perform.  Dr. Leopold will be checking the pressures in her arteries and taking blood samples to check the oxygen levels in different parts of her body.

They had a cancellation for Tuesday so we’ll be taking her in then. This will be a most of the day event – have to arrive at CCMC at 7:30AM for a 9:00AM procedure.  The cath takes about 2 hours during which Olivia will be sedated.  She’ll recover for 4 hours before we can take her home. The only way she’ll be at the hospital overnight is if they have to go through the shunt and then she’ll be on a blood thinner overnight and can come home the next day.

We have a pre-Cath appointment with Dr. Leopold on Monday afternoon at 2:30PM.

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