Olivia update

Olivia is growing like a weed.  Her face is filling in nicely with a double chin. She is one solid little girl!  She has lost that “newborn” look to her and looks more like a baby now.  Her eyes are a deep blue and her hair still has a reddish tint to it. She is just a beauty.  When she smiles, it just lights up the room.  She is just starting to “talk” and loves “talking” to her big sister Maddie.

I’m back to work now so Arnie is staying home with Olivia during the day and working evenings three nights a week.  Arnie’s really enjoying his time with his little girl and they’ve gotten into a nice routine that works for both of them.

Olivia is still up between one and two times per night.  She teases us and will wake up one night at 4AM and then the next night is up at 1AM and again at 4AM.  We’re hoping her sleeping pattern gets into a better routine soon. Her diet consists of 100% breast milk.

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