Saturday update

We had a very good evening. She didn’t go to sleep until Midnight but slept straight thru minus a crying spell at 3:00AM.

Surgical resident came by around 7:30AM and approved feeding her – but only after the surgeon on call approved it. Dang these guys are skittish.

Surgeon on call stopped by at 8:45am and approved her feeding

She can have pedialyte for two feeds, then Breast milk at 50% (mixed w/ pedialyte) for two feeds. If she tolerates it well then she can have straight up breast milk. Once she’s eating well we can head home

She took just over 1 oz of cherry flavored pedialyte. The nurse told me not to push it b/c if she throws up we have to go back to square one (no food for 24 hrs).

We hope that we can go home tomorrow morning!

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