8th floor

Very nice nurses as always.

Olivia had pulled out her own NG tube yesterday morning . The resident on the PICU said we could feed her so we gave her about 40ml breast milk which she loved.

The surgical resident had a heart attack when he found out we’d fed her and ordered the nose tube back in

They put it back in around 11AM and there wasn’t anything coming up which meant her intestines were working just fine (sometimes they stop for a few days thus the need for the tube to remove the bile from her stomach).

She had a very good day yesterday although she was VERY fussy because her belly was empty obviously – she’s on IV fluids so she’s not starving – just feeling funny with an empty belly.

She was passing a ton of gas throughout the day and had a bm around 4:00PM which is a huge step. Then again she had one after I left last night (Arnie stayed at the hospital while I went home w/ Miss Maddie).

This morning the surgical resident OK’ed removing the nose tube but ordered NO FOOD. So we most likely won’t be out of here tomorrow … I’m shooting for Sunday.

When I got here Olivia had been given an extensive bath and was looking all cozy and pink. They had removed her oxygen (was in her nose as well) and gotten rid of her nose tube.

Her oxygen levels were better without the tubes and she’s in the high 80’s (Better than she was reading prior to surgery)

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