2 week checkup

2 week checkup:

I mentioned I was concerned with Olivia’s reflux – she does a lot of “chewing” and makes faces after eating. Dr. Friedman gave us a Rx for Zantac.

Olivia weighed 7lbs, 6 oz. Two ounce gain from Friday which was “borderline normal” weight gain. So, she wants me to increase the calories she’s taking by mixing Similac a different way – instead of one scoop to 2 oz water – I mix 3 scoops to 5 oz water. Give her the breast milk separate from the formula so we don’t waste any.

To increase Milk Supply: I asked about fenugreek and she said that would be fine for Olivia but wanted me to first try reglan which is a prescription (she wrote one out for me). I am to try this for a week and then if that doesn’t work to stop taking it.

We talked about how wonderful Dr. Heller (cardiologist) is. She respects Dr. Heller completely so it’s good they won’t be fighting each other. Dr. Friedman told me she’ll refer to what Dr. Heller says as “word”

We go back on Friday for another weight check.