Pre-op appt with Dr. Heller

Olivia weighed in at 9lbs, 3 oz. Michelle (4th year medical student) said that Olivia is growing better than they could hope for a heart baby. She’s in the 50th to 70th percentile for weight!!!  Breast milk seems to agree with this kid.

Oxygen levels were in the mid 70’s.  Heart and pulse rates were where they need to be and “very good”.

She did an echo and the shunt looks great.

We need to schedule another followup for 6 weeks

She gave me a copy of a letter she sent to Dr. Friedman about Olivia to give to the anethesiologist which I will type in when we get back from this surgery – it confirms the “defect” that will make Olivia’s Fontan (3rd surgery) so much easier

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