Random Thoughts

Just wanted to update on how we’re all doing.

FANTASTIC is the best way to describe it. Olivia is such a great baby.  Cries when she’s hungry, wet or when you are messing with her (changing her diaper, giving her a sponge bath, changing her clothes).

She sleeps so well – she’s up between two and three times a night for feedings.

Arnie and I were talking in the car … we often “forget” she’s sick because she is doing so well. Not that we’re lax with her, just that we don’t treat her like she’s made out of glass.  We were so prepared for the worst and it seems we’ve gotten the best.

Maddie Rose is loving being a big sister. She wants to help with everything – from handing us the diaper to giving Olivia a bottle.

So that’s all from here for now. We have a VNA appointment tomorrow and a few visits from friends at the end of the week.

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