Consult with Dr. Hechtman

Surgery will take 90 minutes.  Basically the surgery is “plastic surgery” to relocate the bowels to significantly reduce the chance of her bowels twisting which would cut off blood supply to the intestines which is very, VERY serious.

She will not lose any intestines with this procedure. They will remove her appendix while in there as it is on the wrong side.

They will do the surgery with a regular inscision as lathroscopic could mess up the pressure in her heart.

Average hospital stay is 4 to 5 days. We will be back in the PICU after due to her heart issues.

Most risk is related to her heart.

She will have a nose tube for a few days after to handle the stomach bile until her intestines start working again.

Risks: infection, bleeding.

Surgery is scheduled for 9/1/04.

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