Weight Check

Olivia had another weight check with Dr. Friedman this morning.

She weighed 7lbs, 9 oz! That’s a 3 oz gain in 3 days which is where they want her to be (Average weight gain).

We talked about vaccinations as the visiting nurse had some concerns about “live viruses” being introduced to Olivia’s system and her not being able to fight them off. Dr. Friedman said they aren’t live viruses. We will plan on giving Olivia her vaccines as early as possible – so our next appointment is August 30th which is 6 weeks.

She gave me a refill for the amoxicillan.

Two questions I have to ask Dr. Heller:

What’s the formula mg. per Kilo for Olivia’s amoxicillan?
Does she agree that we do the vaccinations early?

I need to call and schedule a pre-op visit with Dr. Heller.

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