How it started…

I’m going through an old journal and adding entries / details that weren’t always here.

Today I got the bloodwork results back and I tested positive for parvovirus B19 (aka Fifths Disease). The test showed I contracted it or came in contact with it about 2-3 months ago (which is good b/c it was before I was pg). BUT, the concern is that if I hadn’t built up any antibodies to it, there could be MAJOR problems with the baby – including heart failure. Nothing can be done right now. I go for more bloodwork the week of Christmas and then go from there. I may have to go for an ultrasound a week for 8 weeks starting at 12 weeks. The next batch of tests will determine if I have the antibodies built up. At the ultrasounds they will monitor the heart, etc. If I don’t have antibodies they’ll be monitoring me very carefully to make sure the baby is ok. The Dr said something about making it to 28 weeks. Otherwise, the OB told me I should keep doing what I’m doing b/c I look great. My OB is very cautious.

I’m praying that I’ve got the antibodies to fight this thing. Abortion isn’t an option for me so whatever happens is in God’s hands…

12/21/2011: That last sentence is pretty powerful and … wow. Little did I know!

I’m doing well. It’s not really “real” to me right now. Plus I think that I’m holding onto the thought of already having the antibodies built up.

Arnie mentioned this to our pediatrician tonight when he brought Maddie for her flu shot – she said she contracted it in her first trimester with her first child. As far as she’s aware, it’s only REALLY dangerous when you are in your second trimester and contract it.

We’re feeling pretty good with that info.