Huskython 2009

February 21/22 was Huskython 2009. We had the pleasure of being invited again this year. However, this year we learned our lesson and booked a room at the Nathan Hale Inn on campus so we could come back the morning of the 22nd.

For our new readers – Huskthon is an annual dance a thon that is sponsored by the students of the University Of CT (UCONN). Last year they raised $56K that was donated to CT Children’s Medical Center. They dance from 6pm until 12noon the next day – no sitting or anything!

When we walked into the actual field house there was a group of students lined up on either side of the door and they were cheering as we walked through. Try NOT to cry – it was a very emotional moment.

We were sponsored again by Delta Gamma. They are a GREAT group of ladies and it was a pleasure spending time with them again. They had 40 dancers this year and they raised over $8K themselves.

It was great watching my girls have such a fun time with everyone. They are already talking about next year’s event! And the best part was when they announced the total for the event… Over $100K

was raised for CT Children’s Medical Center. Yes, I cried :)

Pictures for Huskython are .


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