5th anniversary of Olivia’s diagnosis

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Olivia’s diagnosis. While the anniversary has turned into a day of celebrations instead of tears, it’s still been a week of emotions for me.

I’m SO thankful that she’s doing well. I’m thankful for every giggle and every moment she acts like a drama queen. I’m thankful for her cuddles, snuggles and kisses. I’m thankful for all the good news we get when going to her preschool “parent / teacher conferences”. I’m even thankful for the many many moments where she and Maddie are fighting.

When the bad memories creep in, I remind myself of all the good. All the moments that most people take for granted we instead catch our breath. When I ask her to stop jumping in the kitchen – there’s a moment where I stop and am thankful that she’s able to jump.

Happy Anniversary Miss O. May you celebrate another 95 of these!!!

One thought on “5th anniversary of Olivia’s diagnosis

  1. Olivia is such an amazing little girl and we pray too that she celebrates 95 more of these anniversaries. I also pray that one day you receive a letter from Dr. Roque and he accepts that he has made a mistake and now thanks to Olivia gives more and more people hope instead of fear as they receive a diagnosis such as yours.

    Thanking God for your family and testimony of hope.
    Terri and Crew
    Corbin’s Mommy

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