Ridiculously long and Overdue update

Remember, no news is good news – and I’m just keeping you all updated on all the good news you missed ;)

Since it’s been since September, I’ll be giving you a very long update today. Thankfully this shouldn’t be terribly painful for me to pull together since I keep a daily journal of the girl’s activities:


My tomboy is starting to think about being more girly. She actually shows interest in jewelry and will ask for assistance in putting on earrings! I was in my jewelry box and she wanted to look at all the jewelry and tried some on!

School is going extremely well for her. She really likes her teacher. Her report card came home with all A’s and one B (in Math). Maddie really gets the religion. She and I were talking about the chapter she was having a test on. I asked her to tell me about St. Paul and the Beggar. She told me the story in such detail; I thought for sure she was reading it from a page.

Her reading is fantastic. She’s in one of the top groups for her class. Her DRA level is 38 which is where she should be toward the end of the year.

She’s involved in basketball, chorus, brownies and drama club will be starting soon.

Swimming: She’s been doing swim classes again since September. And she’s improving so much! She can swim a killer backstroke.

Maddie played in her first basketball game on Sunday – with the 4th / 5th graders! She was SO excited and it was a blast watching her play. She gets really into it and skips up and down the court because she’s having such fun.

Olivia had her follow-up eye appointment in September. All is well. Thankfully we don’t need to worry about that.

She had her dentist appointment 9/17. No cavities. After another incident with questioning WHY Olivia is on amoxicillin, we are going to finally switch dentists to one who is local and will know her. Read her chart, read her chart, read her chart.

School: She LOVES it. Loves every aspect of it. Loves the kids. Loves the teachers. Loves school. Now she’ll ask “what are we doing tomorrow?” and I’ll say “You have school” and she’ll literally cheer! She’s doing great. We had her parent / teacher conference and she recognizes ALL her capital letters and 23 out of 26 lower case letters, plus all her numbers. Her cutting skills are pretty good considering she holds the scissors upside down LOL.

Olivia is coming home with all these amazing little tidbits of information. She’ll tell you about Christopher Columbus and how the earth is round and that it makes a full rotation once a day. And she’ll tell you that M&Ms were created because soldiers put their chocolate bars in their pockets and they would melt ;).

She had her first playdate with her neighborhood friend Jessica last month. We need to get the two of them together again soon because they are SO cute.

She had her first two field trips in October. They went apple picking and made a trip to the firehouse. She had a great time!

Swimming: she’s come SO far in 12 weeks. Last observation she was only on half a bubble! Swim Olivia, swim!

Gymnastics: Olivia’s now doing gymnastics at the Y on Saturdays. She LOVES it. She is tumbling all over the family room and I have to keep reminding her to be careful of the fireplace.

Olivia’s parent teacher conference was November 10. She is doing great (as I mentioned above). The teachers admitted they were at first nervous about how they could handle a child “like her” (before she started). But now they don’t worry about her. They also said she has an amazing understanding of what she’s been through and it’s heartwarming. Apparently a little boy at school came in one day and said “I don’t have a heart” She went to her teacher and said “Mr Jon, everyone has a heart, right? We can’t live without it, right?

Other Belfonti stuff:

We went to the Big E on 9/21 which was a day off for Maddie. We met up with her best friend Katie and her mom. Had a GREAT day. It was a lot of shopping. Katie’s mom, Arnie and I jokingly said next year we’re going back but on a day the kids are in school ;)

October 11 was the FIRST time we ever left both girls in the care of a babysitter. She was a referral from family and she was great. The girls loved her and we’ve used her since. It’s nice to be able to not always have to rely on Memere and Pepere. Plus it allows us to actually go OUT with Memere and Pepere ;)

Make a Wish:

We got a letter in the mail on October 11 that Olivia qualifies for Make A Wish! (sob). They came to meet with Olivia on November 20. Olivia chose to “Be a princess in Disney World”. Our wish granters are Mike & Louise – a sweet couple from Wallingford. We’re shooting for late April / early May and they think it won’t be an issue.

So there’s your update. I know I’ve been promising pictures. We won’t talk about the 300 that might have disappeared from my new memory card which is telling me it needs to be formatted. But I have a ton from the fall that I’ll post soon. :)

thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving!

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