Updates on my Maddie – summer 2008


She is LOVING summer. She started summer camp a few weeks ago and it definitely agrees with her. I think she’d go all year long if they offered it! This first session was “Jungle Boy” and she came home at night telling us all about the happenings of the day with Jungle Boy. This session is Olympics Gladiator Style. She LOVES playing Gladiator dodge ball which is your standard dodge ball but in a gladiator ring.

She will attend three and a half sessions (7 weeks). Before and after camp she goes to our neighbor’s house. She loves their daughters and has a great time. Camp wears her out though. Maddie never

stops, so for her to be lounging on the couch after camp – you know she’s tired!

She’s been spending a lot of time with Arnie lately. She’s his shadow. If he’s off doing something, she’s usually right there with him. Be it weeding or painting or watching the game, they’re together. It’s really cute! She’s also growing up so fast and is maturing overnight. Nana (Arnie’s mom) said something to her a few weeks ago that really clicked with her. Nana told her that Nana’s older sister always got good attention when she was extra nice to her little brother and sister. Since then Maddie has been helpful with Olivia and not picking on her as much. It’s been a wonderful change :).

She spent some of her communion money on a new bike and is really enjoying it. She and Arnie took a ride on the bike trail last week and Arnie said she was FLYING. Even went so far as to cross the main streets by herself (after looking both ways, etc). They biked about 5 miles that night.

It’s hard to believe she’s going to be 8. She is a joy and full of love and energy and we love her so much!

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