Miracle Treat Day / Our poster girl!

Olivia is going to be featured on fliers that will be hung up at Miracle Treat Day participating Dairy Queen stores here in CT.

The back story is behind the cut along with an attachment of the flyer.

I contacted our dear friend Scott at the CCMC Foundation a few weeks ago. I was looking for permission to make up my own fliers to hang up at my brother in law’s local DQ stores for the Miracle Treat Day. Scott LOVED the idea and ran with it and all of a sudden, Olivia’s the poster girl for Miracle Treat Day in CT! The flyer can be downloaded from this link but be warned – you’ll need adobe (it’s a pdf file) AND it’s a HUGE file (6mb+) so our friends on dial up may want to pass on clicking that link.

So I ask all of you to go out and support Children’s Miracle Network on August 7 by stopping by your participating DQ and buying a Blizzard. Of course if you’re in CT ;) we’d love to have you stop by one of the following locations: DQ in Southington, DQ Grill & Chill in Cromwell or North Haven. Buy one for Olivia and all the kiddos like her who have been helped by CCMC and Children’s Miracle Network.

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