Happy Birthday Olivia

Where has the time gone? My baby girl is FOUR!

We had a great birthday weekend – because in our family we celebrate birthdays for weeks on end. Friday Olivia had her birthday party at Diana’s. At 10AM Valentine the Clown came to play with the kids, do balloon animals and face paint. After nap, we had cupcakes and presents.

Saturday morning Olivia crawled into my bed at 6:20 for her birthday snuggles. I cannot believe how big she’s getting. Her long legs now go past my knees when I snuggle her. We took the girls to the Beardsley Zoo for the afternoon. They had a BALL and it was the perfect practice for Florida heat because it was HOT! On our way back we stopped by Nana & Poppy’s house so they could wish her a happy birthday.

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Olivia’s first heart surgery. We’ve come a LONG way in 4 years.

Arnie, Maddie & I gave Olivia two dresses for her birthday. She is so easy to please :). Of course their true presents will be given on Saturday when they are told we’re going to Disney World. 28 days from today!!

Someone shared an article from the Boston paper with me. A piece that truly touched my heart was this:

That’s what no one tells you when you have a child who is not perfect. That love changes everything. That love propels you from the bed to the cradle in the middle of the night. That love is why you sing even when you’re bone tired. That love is what fills your heart with pride and your eyes with tears, sometimes many times. That love is the reason all parents, even parents whose kids have challenges that seem burdensome and overwhelming to everyone else, say with certainty, “I wouldn’t trade my child for any one else’s.”

As rough a road we have had, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And honestly, the road has had a few speed bumps but it’s not a bad road to be on at all.

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! We love you with everything inside us and beyond.

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