It’s been a couple weeks since I last updated so here’s a condensed version:

Olivia: Doing GREAT. She’s seriously amazing. I cannot express in words how great she is doing. She’s running, jumping, acting like a NORMAL KID. It’s a beautiful thing! I joke that when people ask me how it’s going I say “it’s like puppies and kittens and newborn babies and roses” LOL. Life is THAT GOOD now that we’re past the Fontan. She’s showing us she can draw. She drew me a fish and a bird and a Mickey Mouse this past weekend. I’m amazed at her artistic ability but then again she gets that from her daddy.

Olivia’s going for bloodwork tomorrow regarding her INR level. Her last draw on 4/22 showed a level of 1.4 which is lower than they want. They increased her coumodin to 1.5ml 2x a week and 1ml the rest. We’ll get an update on her levels later tomorrow.

Maddie: She’s LOVING the spring weather. She started softball and is definitely naturally athletic. She plays on the Rockhounds which is part of the Farm league (one step above t-ball but they use pitching machines). We’re still working on getting her biking without training wheels. She did really well but she is afraid of falling so … baby steps … :). It’s hard to believe she only has one month left of second grade!

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