Olivia’s left chest tube site has become infected. It’s been red for almost a week.

Arnie mentioned it to Katie at the appointment on Friday. She gave us an rx for keflex to keep on hand but felt at that point it just looked irritated and not infected.

Today I took a look and it didn’t look any better – if anything it was worse. My mom also didn’t like the look of it. So I first tried Dr. Friedman – she’s on vacation this week. Next: Dr. Heller. Also on vacation today. Next up was Katie, Dr. Mello’s PA. I left a message for her since they were in surgery. And I emailed her a picture of the area.

She called back and recommended we put her on the Keflex. Stop the amoxicillin for the time being. She made a comment that if we weren’t such responsible parents she’d have us come in for a follow-up (awww – we’re responsible!). But I mentioned that we’ll see Dr. Heller on Tuesday, April 22 so we’ll follow up then. She said there’s nothing to culture at this point but if it were to start to bubble with puss under it, she wants us to call the office and make an appt so they can culture it.

The good thing is it’s not bothering Olivia at all – she’s acting normal and not complaining about any pain. No fever either. We’re noticing her appetite is definitely coming back as yesterday she was PUTTING the food away like nobody’s business! She must have had 3 pieces of cheese in the afternoon and then ate all her dinner PLUS some of the pizza I made for myself. Life is good :)

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