Followup xray appt

Olivia had a followup xray done this morning. She sat nicely for the xray and Arnie said she did awesome. They then went up to see Katie with the report. Due to the reduced fluid in Olivia’s chest, we can go back to 2x a day Lasix. According to Katie, there’s a “tiny bit of fluid left” so we’re in better shape than last Friday. It helps that Olivia has been running around all week at Memere’s. Katie also listened to Olivia’s lungs and everything was clear :)

Arnie had Katie take a look at the spot where the left chest tube had been. It is a bit pink and “ugly”. I wanted to make sure she took a look. Katie wasn’t too concerned about it but gave us an RX for Keflex in case it turns red and angry. We won’t fill it unless things change.

So we’re all set for two weeks until we see Dr. Heller on April 22.

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