Dr. Heller checkup / how we're doing

We had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Heller yesterday for a checkup. It turned into a half day affair with blood work, etc.

Olivia weighed in at 14.7kg and is 39″ tall. She’s grown 1.5″ since February :). Her oxygen saturation? 96 – 98%!!!! BP was 87/57 and heart rate is 120.

Dr. Heller did an U/S of Olivia’s heart. Heart function looks great. There was a bit more mitral valve reflux (back flow) – more so than before surgery. Dr. Heller isn’t worried about it at this point. She noted more fluid in her chest area so we’re increasing her lasix with a a followup xray on Friday.

I was able to convince Dr. Heller to call Beacon Pharmacy and have Olivia’s coumodin compounded.


Amox 2x day

Enalapril 2x day
Lasix: 3x day – up from 2x a day

Coumodin 1x day (1ml = 2mg compounded)

After we headed to the Lab for blood work. This became a production because the lab couldn’t find us in the system (helps if they enter her last name correctly). Finally they did a blood draw after about 45 minutes of paperwork and running around to Registration (our first time there in almost 4 years!) Olivia didn’t have the EMLA cream on but didn’t cry at ALL when they stuck her. She’s a brave cookie!

Her INR level came back as 2.04 which is exactly where they want her to be. No blood draws for two weeks and we go back to see Dr. Heller on 4/22 at 9AM.

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