Followup Appt today

We had our first post surgical appt today. We had to go in and have a chest xray done, then meet with Katie. Finally we went to the lab for a blood draw.

Olivia is doing great. Katie was pleased with her xray – there is still a bit of haziness in the bottom of her left chest area which could just be the tiniest bit of fluid or maybe her lung hasn’t fully expanded from surgery, etc. We’re just going to keep an eye on it.

Katie removed two out of three of her chest tube stitches. The left one is still in and they’ll remove it on Tuesday when we go see Dr. Heller.

We weighed her while there and she weighed in at 15.6 kg – gaining weight in the hospital! Wow! The xray was uneventful now that they allow her to sit or stand for it. Bloodwork – Katie put the EMLA cream on her ahead of time. Olivia just cried because she knew it was a blood draw and she didn’t want it to be done.

Katie called later in the day to let me know her INR level (clotting) was 1.92. Which is exactly where they want her to be. So we’re to continue with the 2mg coumodin.

Now a question for all the heart moms out there. Olivia HATES the coumodin. They do not compound it so it’s in a pill form. I need to crush it up, then mix it in something. Olivia gags on it regardless of what we put it in. We’ve done yogurt, pudding, apple juice. HATE.

Tonight she threw up ALL her meds while we were giving her the coumodin mixed in pudding. We had to call in to cardiology to find out if we should re-administer all the meds she had previously taken. Dr. Lapuk called and told us to not give her everything and to start fresh in the AM.

Suggestions on getting her to take this stuff? It’s going to be a LONG three months if we cannot figure out a solution to this…

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  1. Sorry I have no fantastic solutions but with Joel I told him he just HAD to take it or his blood would end up sick, which could hurt his heart and he could end up in the hospital and have to have injections for it! To save all that I would tell him he’d have to “suffer” just seconds of a foul taste. I offered to syringe it for him, we did that and had an immediate treat waiting, eg; small lolly, small chocolate or a special drink. Sometimes I think we just have to be a bit stronger than they are. It hurts but it’s got to be done. Much good luck to you, I know it’s not pleasant whichever route you go.

    Big Hugs
    Jackie, Joel (HRHS-17) & Lisa

  2. Tricia, You can try numbing her mouth first with like a popsicle prior to giving it to her, another option is to put in something thick like chocolate or maple syrup. I am glad to hear everything went so well you are all a strong family who are a good inspiration for everyone who knows you.

  3. Tricia,

    I gave Andrew’s DDAVP medicine in a grape slushy from Dairy Queen the first few times. Maybe BIL could get you some flavoring. I know Crystal mixes Eden’s chemo meds with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Is Olivia still on liquid Amox. every day? You could maybe mix it with that. Are you using a pill crusher or trying to crush it yourself? I was amazed at how fine the pill crusher could make it. If you aren’t using a pill crusher you might want to get one. Right now Andrew’s DDAVP is mixed with his Benadryl and it pretty much dissolves right in it. Good luck! I hope you can find something to work.

  4. Hi Tricia,

    I’m so happy to hear that Olivia is doing so well. I’m certainly no expert, but does Olivia like peanut butter? What if you mixed it with smooth peanut butter and put it on a cracker or something? Or does she like Nutella? (Chocolate hazelnut spread…YUM!) Maybe that will work.
    By the way…I’m sending something special to Olivia. It should be delivered on Monday :)
    I continue to keep you all in my prayers…Good luck with Tuesday’s dr. visit!

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