Update for March 29

Last night I went home with Maddie, thus no nightly update as Arnie didn’t do one.

BUT, our little Miss is doing fantastic! When I left last night she was heading down the hall in a wagon to take a ride around the wing. Then she went into the playroom (FINALLY) and got to play a bit with the puzzles and a few toys. She made friends with Abby, a little girl on the floor who has leukemia.

They both slept well last night and were woken up by xray. Katie stopped by and pulled ANOTHER chest tube (hooray!!!). So we’re down to one chest tube. AND she’s off the blow-by oxygen!! Her oxygen is 93% on regular room air (hooray!!!).

Olivia WALKED the floor this morning. She used a kid sized grocery cart and she took a walk up and down the hall. And then went into the playroom and spent a good amount of time playing.

She ate a decent lunch (most of a hot dog, a ton of strawberries). Breakfast she inhaled (eggs, bacon). She’s now watching Sleeping Beauty, nibbling a munchkin and talking to Auntie on the phone. Maddie was lying next to her in bed before but just got up to give Olivia another munchkin. All is well and we’re having as perfect a family day as you can have in the hospital.

Dr. Salazar says the only thing keeping us here is that last chest tube. As soon as it’s out we’re on our way HOME!

More info later if anything changes.

One thought on “Update for March 29

  1. Just one step closer to beating that CCMC record! Olivia, you rock!!!

    Emma loves you. Hugs from all of us.


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