Update # 2 for March 28

We’re up on the floor!

We have had a busy busy day. Olivia actually got out of bed and walked to the potty this morning in the PICU. I then got to hold her chest to chest and cuddle her up. It was sheer heaven for both of us.

Katie removed Olivia’s center chest tube this morning and they removed her atrial line (?) – the line they were using for blood draws. They can’t come out of the PICU until that is out.

Olivia rode a wagon to the new floor and was waving to her royal subjects ;). We’re in room 801. It is SO much quieter up here – even the chest tube machines are quieter up here (although we took them with us so it’s nothing “new” – the room just seems quieter).

Olivia is resting quietly after just going potty. She is using a bedside commode but with the chest tubes she was in a lot of pain. It’s hard to juggle everything and I felt terrible that I even accidentally hurt her when moving her around. She is wearing her pink pj’s (tops AND bottoms) and she looks GREAT. They just gave her some tylenol for pain and we’re going to head down to the playroom (next door) when she wakes up.

So all is well and now we just wait and heal and dream of dry chest tubes so we can come home. I’m heading home for the first time tonight with Maddie. Maddie has her communion retreat tomorrow and then we’ll head up here for the day.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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  1. Miss O – glad to hear you made it up to the floor and can FINALLY go to the playroom! Love and hugs.

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