Update # 1 for March 28

Good morning. Yesterday was pretty dang amazing. Olivia had a decent afternoon but wasn’t eating terribly much. then around 4pm her cousins Christopher and Cole came by to see her. We had to pull some strings to get them on the floor (no one under 14 unless a sibling is allowed) but Maribel said “yes”. Olivia was GLOWING when she saw them. It was the first time since she went down for surgery that she was giving out REAL smiles. They were exactly what she needed!

Unfortunately her IV blew in her hand and she got very upset so we cut the visit short. They placed another IV in the top of her hand which is giving her a lot more flexibility to move her fingers.

Olivia’s good mood carried through the evening to our visitors: Nana, Poppy, & Maddie; Fellow Heart Parents: Laura and Keith; and finally we got to meet Paul J. Paul’s mom Sasha works with Arnie and Paul just had his fontan last summer … at age 13!!!! It was so nice to be able to hug an older “heart child” and you can tell just by looking at him that he’s doing fantastic. He was a sweetie, telling me what hurts for Olivia and what I should discourage her from doing because it will hurt (such as using her arms to pull herself up in bed).

Tom was on last night and he said she as an absolute doll for him. She stayed awake until 11PM and is still asleep. We’re going to have to adjust her sleep patterns back when we get home but it’ll all be ok because she’ll be HOME!

So today is the day we move to the floor. Unless they want another fight, she’ll be moving to 8. I’ll post again after rounds to fill everyone in. I’m thinking we might lose the center chest tube this morning but I’m not positive that Dr. Mello is going to pull it. He’s very conservative in pulling them because he HATES to put them back in (extremely painful for patients). He did pull her pacer wires yesterday and she was happy to have those gone. One less wire = one step closer to home … FOREVER.

Have a great day!!!

3 thoughts on “Update # 1 for March 28

  1. I’m sooo glad Olivia is doing great and getting ready to move out of the PICU. I’ve been out of work for a few days, but reading your blog every day. Love you, AnnMarie

  2. Hi Tricia-

    I just came to check in on Olivia and was amazed to see what was happening! So glad that she is doing well. She is a doll.
    I watched some of the video clips and started to cry. It has got to be so much harder now that she is older. We will keep
    her (and you) in our prayers.
    I am pregnant again (19 weeks) with a little boy. We just had the dreaded 18 week ultrasound done and they found a
    complex heart defect. We are just devestated but trying to stay hopeful which is easier said than done. They think he has
    Transposition of the Great Arteries and a VSD. This would require open heart surgery in the first week. So that means
    going back to Boston. We are going to have a fetal echo done in Boston on April 15 to confirm the diagnosis. We are just
    hoping that they do not find anything else to complicate matters. We are trying to stay hopeful but all the old wounds are
    being reopened and it is hard. We just pray that this time it is fixable.
    Well enough about me, I just wanted to check in and let you know what is going on. I can’t wait to read when little Miss
    Olivia will be going home. Hang in there!


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