Update # 3 for March 27

Current score:

Mom to Olivia: 1

Director of ICU: 0

Olivia is staying in the PICU this evening. Apparently when Maribel came in this morning there was a “tx” next to Olivia’s name indicating she would be transferred upstairs today Then after rounds … it wasn’t there anymore. Maribel wanted to know if I had gone in and messed with their board LOL.

Olivia is having a great day She’s won Maribel’s heart “she looks and acts like an angel” (wub). Megan from Child Life came and painted with Olivia so she loved that. And she took a very long nap this morning but was interrupted by Dr. Mello who removed her pacer wires Woohoo. One less thing to worry about! He was so sweet and apologized to her about waking her up from her nap.

She’s not too interested in eating today … I’m trying ever trick in the book to get her to eat. She drank almost a container of chocolate milk for lunch but otherwise I could only get a bite of string cheese and two spoons of corn into her.

She was cute when I was trying to get her to decide what she wanted to eat for breakfast – she said “this is like a hotel”.

So we’re hanging in there and we’re hoping to have a great afternoon / evening to just round out a perfect day.

2 thoughts on “Update # 3 for March 27

  1. Hey mom — how about some blackberries, blueberries,
    or red peppers? Olivia never says no to those!

    I’ll sleep better knowing that Tom is with her again tonight.
    He is so gentle and kind.

    We’re proud of you Trish — you’re a great mom!

    Miss you Peanut!

  2. Glad she’s staying in PICU one more day. Better to be safe and sounds like Tom is your favorite nurse so that’s makes it even sweeter. Glad Olivia is doing great. Keep up the great job mom!

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