Update # 1 for March 27

Good morning.

We had a FABULOUS night until the fire alarm went off at 5:15AM. I woke up to noise and flashing lights. I couldn’t even focus and grabbed my purse, my shoes and what I thought was my sweatshirt.Turns out it was my winter coat …

No one had told us what to do so we did what any good parent would do … we went to our kids. The nurses weren’t sure if it was a drill but the fire dept was here and so I’m sure I’ll hear more later.

Olivia had a FABULOUS night! Tom said she was a DOLL. She had some OJ and an orange Popsicle. She wanted to watch Dora and we didn’t have any in our “bag of tricks” so Tom found some that they keep on the floor.

The most beautiful thing is that she’s holding her own at 98% oxygen … little stinker took off her O2 and tucked it under her chin. She’s only on 1/2 liter so I’m pretty sure that the oxygen is going bye bye this morning. She looks so pink and was resting comfortably when I went in to see her.

We had a visitor last night – Mike, Aaron’s dad, came up to see us. My longtime readers will remember that Aaron received a new heart last summer up in Boston. Aaron is doing fantastic and Mike was thrilled to see how with great Olivia was doing. Mike was shocked to know that we ICU parents have actual sleep rooms with showers here at CCMC. We’re in a separate little wing off the ICU with four bedrooms (very tiny with a chair, tv, tiny closet and a daybed that has a trundle under it). We share two bathrooms that have showers in them and a small kitchen with fridge, microwave and a small table with a couple of chairs. It’s very peaceful here and we appreciate having a quiet place to rest at night. I know our friends up to Children’s Hospital of Boston don’t have a separate sleep area so I am very appreciative of this.

Now I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Tom said he hopes we’ll still be in the PICU tonight (as in we might go up to the floor! EEK). Tom is working so maybe I’ll push to keep her here one more night before they send us upstairs. Also, Tom was going to make sure we had Maribel today who was our nurse yesterday. Consistency is the key to it all imo.

Have a wonderful day and I’m sure I’ll update later when we have some news on the “plan” for today.

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  1. It is so nice to see her getting better and better with each update. I hope your “tickle” doesn’t turn into anything. {{hugs}}

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