Update # 6 for March 26

OK – I just talked to someone who told me to update again ;)

Olivia is doing great. She peed on the bed pan for us tonight. She ate strawberries and grapes. She got her first dose of coumodin which was crushed up and given to her on her Trix yogurt (thanks Memere!)

Olivia is getting zantac and an antibiotic via IV and everything else at this point is oral. She’s back on her enalapril (beta blocker) – same dose she was on before.

Tom removed the IV from Olivia’s foot because after the potassium incident her poor foot was red and the IV looked to be close to being “blown” (technical term for vein being shot) ;)

I have TWO videos to share with you – Olivia was in RARE form tonight and was singing unprompted.

Now I promise this is the last update tonight. I’m back in my room (before 11PM hooray) and in my jammies. And I know Tom’s got everything under control so I’ll sleep well tonight.

7 thoughts on “Update # 6 for March 26

  1. Miss Olivia — you are the cutest — I love your videos! Sweet dreams. xo

  2. Lots of hugs and prayers. Thanks to the little birdie who insisted on the last update –
    Erika and I enjoyed the videos. Sleep well, your little one is in good hands.
    Lots of hugs!!!

  3. Oh Miss Olivia, you brought tears to my eyes with those videos. We love you too and we can’t wait to see you! BIG HUGS AND KISSES

    meg and baby brady

  4. She is just precious! I’m glad she is doing so well! Been thinking of you guys constantly!

  5. Trish and Arnie
    God bless your beautiful little girl and your wonderful family.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all !
    Olivia you are too precious ! Great video !!

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