Update # 3 for March 26

A slight change in the plan: Dr. Mello was contacted and he wants to wait until tomorrow to pull the chest tubes. Because she’s on lasix, he’d feel better not pulling them today since she is still draining a bit.

He’s going to be back in Htfd later today (he’s at Yale operating this morning) so he’ll stop in later to check on her and possibly pull the chest wires / ivs later.

Olivia is resting very comfortably right now. Maribel (our nurse) reduced her oxygen to 3 liters (down from 3.5) and Olivia is holding steady at 98% on her O2 sats. Also her respirations are fantastic at 32 – 35 breaths per minute which is SO much better than the 65 – 70s we were seeing yesterday (she was panting more than taking deep breaths). Blowing bubbles has definitely helped her out.

More information as we know it later today! :)

One thought on “Update # 3 for March 26

  1. Trish
    Thanks for the updates, I’m checking the blog all day.
    Things are looking up!
    Hugs to Olivia XOX

    Gail Gagliardi

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