Cardiology Appointment

On Thursday, July 5, Olivia had a cardiology appointment with Dr. Heller.

She’s doing FANTASTIC.  She is a “star” as always :).  Her oxygen levels were in the HIGH 80’s!  Her blood pressure was 80 / 53. Both EKG and echo were great.  Olivia is now 36.5″ tall and 29.1lbs.
We saw some pretty neat things on the echo. what we thought to be a very small right ventricle turned out to be some muscle hanging out – not a full wall like previously assumed.

All meds are staying the same for now except for the aspirin. We are now giving her a full baby aspirin, up from a half.

So what’s next?  The dreaded Fontan.  We’re looking at spring time if Olivia continues to grow at this rate.  Honestly, my first reaction was to throw up.  I’m terrified of having her going into surgery again. Yes, I knew it was coming, but to know it’s 9 months away? Scary, scary, scary!  This is MY baby we’re talking about.

Olivia’s going to do great. I know that. Doesn’t make it any scarier.

Our next appointment is in January.

One thought on “Cardiology Appointment

  1. We’re looking at Sammy’s Fontan in the spring as well. We’re actually scheduling it so Sammy’s will be the same day or within a day of our friends’ little girl, Ellie, that way we’re all in for recovery together.

    Should we add you guys to the list? :-) Nothing like 11pm trips to each other’s room to see if they want to head down to ABP to make you feel like you’re back in college again!

    Really, I’m just in denial. The whole thing makes me want to throw up.

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