Time to delurk you lurkers!!

OK, it’s time for all the lurkers to come out and let me know you’re reading!

I ran into an old friend from High School at the grocery store yesterday. And I find out he’s been reading this blog!

So I’m going to ask that you please just post a comment to this post to let me know you’re reading. Your name, location, and if I don’t either talk to you on a regular basis, see you during family holidays or kid’s birthday parties – please let me know how you found us!

And if you’re someone Arnie and / or I knew in a previous lifetime, drop us an email so we can get reacquainted!

10 thoughts on “Time to delurk you lurkers!!

  1. I started reading blogs about a year and a half ago because my family and I were awaiting a referral for our daughter from Ethiopia. It was fascinating to learn about the huge community that was lurking out in cyberspace without me having any prior knowledge of it. As I continued to search out the blogs of other families similar to mine, I occasionally followed some of the links on their blogrolls. I honestly don’t remember which blog led me to you, but Olivia’s story captivated me. We have very little in common, but I just had to read all of your posts. The letters to the doctor were brilliant. The pictures of your precious girls are heartwarming. You and Arnie are brave, strong, open and honest. Those are all the things that keep me coming back. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. 8^)

  2. Do I count at a lurker? Congrats on the potty training. I wish Ewan was ready for the potty. No such luck. Oh well.

    And congratulations on the move. It certainly sounds like a great location! Please send me your new address so I can keep my records updated!

    Best to all!
    Ruth, Dan, Zoe and Ewan

  3. I am always lurking, congratulations on the move, Brian and I are thinking of doing the same thing, maybe we will be neighbors at some point. We should get together, I work at CCMC now.

  4. Hi Arnie and Tricia, Congratulations to Miss O. Maddie and Olivia are the greatest.
    love you, Auntie Mare

  5. Hi , I found your site through someones elses. Our grandaughter has HLHS , she is 13 months old and is doing great. Her name is Ellie and is our little sweetheart.
    Her CP is EllieAdams,Glad your little girl is doing so good also !

  6. I’m a lurker!! Do I count? I, when I have a minute!!, check up on the girls. See you soon, Sarah, Chris and Jack

  7. Tricia, I still look in from time to time – you aren’t over at HRHS very often anymore (and I’m not either, for that matter). We are still in the Chicago subs. I’ve thought about you more recently after our Disney trip — I have now been converted to a Disney “freak”. I really had no idea how fun it would be for me . . . now I know, now I know, live and learn . . .!! :-)

  8. just wanted to say hi, and thanks for all your support. I look forward to meeting you someday and Your mommy and daddy are great people. I wish the best for you and your family, and hope you contatin to staty healthy.

    Mike Rotatori ( your mommy’s co-worker )

  9. Hi there! My little one is Allison Patton our feisty red head who has HLHS! I honestly can’t remember how I found you guys and your site! I just know that i get the updates in my e-mail and I care very much about ALL HLHS babies and their well being. I feel like we are a society like no other with our HLHS kiddo’s. I may be apart of the same yahoo support group?? Not sure but you are more than welcome to compare notes with Allison on her carepage blog. Of course http://www.carepages.com and her carepage name is AllisonPatton (all one word). We will be thinking of you when you go for the Fontan!

    Mary Patton

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