Bad parents!

I still can’t believe we did this!

So last night Arnie had a golf lesson at 6:45pm. I was downstairs on the phone with Disney for a client before he left so he just dropped off Olivia downstairs with us and kissed us goodbye and off he went.

I got the girls into the tub and then ready for bed – and then realized I didn’t know if he’d given her the meds. Of course he had left his cell phone on the counter so I couldn’t call him.  So I gave her the enalapril (blood pressure med) and amoxicillan.

When he got home we were talking and I said “You didn’t give her the meds, right?”  Turns out he DID give them to her. I wasn’t worried about the amox, but the enalapril freaked me out. So we called cardiology to confirm it wasn’t going to be an issue.

We were all set – Dr. Salazar said just to not give it to her in the morning.  We’ve NEVER had an issue with mixing up her meds or giving it to her twice.  And I pray it won’t happen again!

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