Updates on the girls


We took the girls to get their pictures done on Sunday.  I had forgotten how difficult this age is to get them to just stand there and smile! Olivia was very fiesty and didn’t want Maddie holding her hands or anything.  We ended up getting the pictures, but I was sweating … it was HARD work!

We also visited Santa but Olivia would have NOTHING to do with sitting on his lap. She saw him, screamed NO and put a death grip on my arms.  We did get a beautiful picture of Santa and Maddie taken and once someone remembers to bring it home from his office we’ll scan it and post it.

A gentleman stopped me in the mall after we had the pictures taken. He said “I assume these are your daughters?” And I said “yes”. He said “They are very beautiful. I was watching them in the picture people.  You are very blessed.”  I’ll admit I got a bit teary. I touched his arm and said “Thank you so much. You have no idea how truly blessed we really are. Merry Christmas” and we walked away. I figured he didn’t need the whole story but his words made me smile.


She is really starting to show her personality and let you know what she does and does not like.  For example: she has started to not like being buckled in the car seat so she’ll arch her back when I put her in.  Nothing a little tickling can’t fix.

She is starting to repeat words you say.  She can now say apple and Olivia (although it’s hard to hear “Olivia” from what’s she’s saying but she’ll point to herself and say it when you ask her “who’s this?” and point to her).

She went through a few weeks of separation anxiety where she would cry when we left her at Diana’s.  This week she’s been happy to be there so it could have been related to her not feeling well.  She had a stomach bug a few weeks ago (November 17?).

She has been quite clumsy lately!  She banged her head good a week ago Monday and it left a nice sized egg on her forehead. She bit her lip TWICE on Thanksgiving.  And on Friday she somehow ended up face first into the coffee table cutting her eye and giving herself a nice black eye just in time for pictures.  I’m ready to wrap her in bubble wrap.


Maddie came out with this last weekend and I couldn’t help but jot it down.  “I smell like a rose and that’s why they call me Maddie Rose”. Arnie and I were laughing hysterically.

Maddie’s urine culture showed no more blood so we’re just waiting on the results of the test for calcium.


Well, tomorrow Memere, Maddie & I are on our way. We return late Sunday evening. I will update again when I return.

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