Olivia updates

Pretend Play

Olivia is starting to get into pretend play.

On Sunday evening she was walking around the living room holding her sippy cup and a bib.  She rested the sippy cup against the pillow on the couch, then placed the bib over it. She patted the sippy cup and then leaned down and gave it a kiss!  It was the SWEETEST thing and brought tears to my eyes.

First Wiggles Concert

On Saturday, November 5, my sister and I took the kids to see the Wiggles in concert. Maddie & Christopher have been many times as has Cole. But this was Olivia’s first time.  I’ll admit I got a bit teary just being there, knowing that she had met another “childhood” *milestone*.  She was healthy enough to go to her first children’s show.  So there, Dr. “she won’t have quality of life”!!!

Our seats were AMAZING.  We were to the left of the stage and only 10 rows back.  They keep the lights on the entire show and the kids had a BALL.  Olivia applauded and danced and wiggled and just had a great time.  It was WELL worth the cost of admission.  We brought a bone for Wags the Dog, roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and a sign that read “Maddie, Christopher, Cole and Olivia (heart) the Wiggles!”  The older three got a huge kick out of hearing Murray Wiggle read their sign and say their names.

Here‘s a picture of the kids sitting on the stairs before the show.  Maddie & Christopher dancing!  Olivia, chicken nugget in hand, is excited to see the show!  Excuse the dirty face, she had just discovered the wonders of barbeque sauce for the first time.

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