Olivia updates

Normally I don’t update twice in one week but our little Miss decided she would show off last night and started saying new words.  So it was time to do a “what Olivia is up to” update!

She’s been not saying too much we can understand.  But last night as I was taking the picture for the website and Little Hearts calendar I said “Olivia, say cheese!” and she responded with “CHEESE!”  and then I tried “Please” because it sounds similar and she said that as well!

So she can say:
Baby (not regularly)
num-a-num (eat, food, etc)

Fine motor skills

She’s started to take an interest in coloring!  She has been sitting with the big kids during art time at Diana’s and coloring up a storm. She will also color when we go out to eat. We just need to keep an eye on her because she thinks it’s funny that I react in a big way when she puts the crayon in her mouth (YUCK!)

Olivia has mastered blowing kisses. It’s the sweetest thing!

Already picking up older men
I was driving her to Diana’s this morning and we were at a red light.  Out of the corner of my eye I see this truck and the driver is waving at Olivia!  I look over and there’s a man in his 30s waving to her in the backseat from his box truck! I tried to get her to wave back but she was tired and not in the mood to perform.  He then looked at me and said “she’s CUTE!” I said “Thanks” and we went on our way.

So proud of her big sister
Last night was the observation night at swimming for Maddie.  Olivia sat on my lap during class and waved, clapped and pointed at Maddie the entire 20 minutes!  She was so proud of her big sister!  Plus Olivia’s “teacher” for the “parent and me” swim class  was helping out during Maddie’s class so Olivia was making the connection.  It was so sweet to see Olivia waving and Maddie smiling so big in return.

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