Flu Shot Appointment / Updates

Flu Shot Appointment

CHECK!  We are all vaccinated. Whew!  While Arnie had to deal with some resistance at our clinic on Friday, he dealt with it beautifully so I didn’t have to.  What a guy!

At the appointment Monday evening Dr. Friedman wanted us to check with Dr. Heller to see if she felt Olivia should receive the adult dose of the pneumonia vaccine (“Pneumovax”) at her 2 year checkup.  Dr. Friedman was pleased we are doing the Drug Trial for RSV prevention (“Numax”).   We requested and received a refill on Olivia’s amoxicillan prescription.

A 44 year old “single ventricle”

While waiting for our appointment in the doctor’s office Monday evening, we ran into a woman who is 44 years old and has a similar anatomy to Olivia’s!  She was there with her teenage daughter. She overheard us talking to another woman about Olivia and commented for us to “not worry because she’ll grow up to be an old lady”.  We knew immediately this woman had some insider’s knowledge since normally we deal with shock, horror and / or sympathy when people find out about her.  She looked very healthy and couldn’t even remember what surgeries she’s had – it’s been that long!  And she has been pregnant 5 times!! It’s possible!

“Olivia, what does a doggy say?”

We were in the waiting room at Dr. Friedman’s office and they had on the 101 Dalmations movie.  I said to Olivia “what does a doggy say?” And she responded with “woo! Woo!”  Close enough for me! :)

A year ago today

A year ago today Olivia had her first cardiac cath at CCMC.

That’s all for now. I hope all is well with everyone!  Next update will be after Olivia’s first Numax vaccination on Monday, October 24. Hopefully Arnie takes good notes so I can get all the information documented here.

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