Surgical consult for glenn

Surgery is November 16th.

We had to have a chest xray before our appt with the surgeon.  Olivia HATES these as we have to hold her down and hold her arms over her head – she very much dislikes her arms being messed with.

That over with, we were handed her entire xray history file to bring upstairs. That was cool because it contained all the xrays from her upper gi when they determined she had gut malrotation. So I was able to show Arnie the pics while we waited.

I once again recognized a million staff members while we’re waiting for Dr. Mello – including the resident who took care of Olivia when she first came out of her first surgery. She recognized us and came over to say hi.

Katie is Dr. Mello’s new Physician Assistant. Turns out she interviewed for the job the day Olivia had her first heart surgery. I love connections like that.

She ooh’ed and aah’ed over Miss Olivia (of course ;)).  Listened to her lungs, heart, etc.  Olivia weighed in at 11 lbs, 11 oz

We discussed the surgery with Katie and Dr. Mello:

Surgery takes about 4 hours. She’ll be the first case of the day and we’ll probably have to be at the hospital at 6:30AM.

The BT Shunt will be removed and then he’ll connect her SVC to her Pulmonary Artery (skin to skin).

Recover time is usually 7 – 10 days.  She’ll be in the PICU for about 4 days before we’re sent up to the 8th floor.

Olivia will have 2 chest tubes (one more than last time).  One chest tube will be just a drain. The other will have a pacer wire and another wire.  While these tubes are in we won’t be able to hold her :(.

All lines will be removed before we can go upstairs.

They will wean her off the ventilator after a few days – give her a few days to adjust to the new blood flow.

Her oxygen levels will be in the 80’s after surgery.

She will have some swelling in her head and face for a few days and they’ll have her on lasix again to help her get rid of the extra fluid.

Dr. Mello mentioned we should increase her aspirin intake from 1/2 tablet to 5/8 tablet.

Now on to the bloodwork: What a freaking NIGHTMARE!  Olivia hated the tourniquet and screamed the entire time. It was just terrible … definitely my worst experience in that hospital. The women were not very sympathetic to Olivia either. I will definitely be writing a letter to complain.  They also needed to take a urine sample so they put a bag on her. That was just an experience I’d rather not have to go through again.

RSV shot scheduling

Arnie got a call yesterday from Alison from Interim Healthcare regarding the scheduling of Olivia’s next RSV shot. They wanted to do this on November 15th. Arnie mentioned that Olivia was scheduled to have surgery the next day (possibly) but if that was ok with them it was ok with us.

Alison called back this morning to say that Dr. Mello’s office says No vaccines for four weeks before or after surgery :huh. We are scheduled to go into Dr. Friedman’s office next week for her 4 month checkup.

So I called Dr. Mello’s office and questioned this – as Olivia had her hepatitis B vaccine one week after surgery last time. Apparently they will evaluate her recovery and she can have her vaccines after he gives the green light.

I then called Dr. Friedman’s office and talked to them about it. Dr. Friedman is going to call Dr. Mello’s office to see if they can put the RSV shot in her IV after surgery. I requested that we KEEP next week’s appointment as a pre-Operative appointment / weight check. They moved our appointment to 9:15AM so we’ll get in a room before any of the “sickies” get in.

  • November 10: Dr. Friedman’s office for 4 month checkup minus shots and pre operative appointment
  • RSV and 4 month vaccinations held off until after surgery when Dr. Mello gives the green light.

This stuff just makes my head spin.

Surgery dates

Arnie just talked to Maria at Dr. Mello’s office.

We are on the schedule for her Glenn for two dates: November 16th and November 22nd.

November 16th is a tentative date as they have another child who may need surgery that date. We are definitely on the schedule for the 22nd though.

We will need to take Olivia in for a chest X-ray and bloodwork most likely November 12th.

They will confirm the date by the end of this week.