Visiting Nurse appt / Update

We’re home and recovering. This trip to the hospital took a LOT out of me. Olivia is doing great and is mostly her happy go lucky self.  We’re unsure if she’s got the classic “Glenn” headaches but if we keep her on the Tylenol every four hours everyone is happy.

Yesterday we had our first VNA visit. Olivia weighed in at 11lbs, 12 oz which is only a 3 oz weight loss. Not too shabby!

Our next visit will be Wednesday at 9AM.

We see Dr. Heller on Monday, November 29 at 10AM.

I called Dr. Friedman’s office this morning to let them know we were home. Dr. Friedman didn’t believe the nurse when she told her so she had to call herself to verify!! She was amazed at how quickly we were home :)

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