Surgery update

Olivia Update:

Hi All. Sorry I’ve been MIA but such is life in the PICU. (typing this from memory so more details will be provided when we’re home and I can refer to my notes).

Olivia’s surgery was a success. She did great. Her oxygen levels are now in the 80’s – before surgery she dipped into the 50’s so doing the surgery was definitely the right decision.

She had a very rough night last night – they gave her sedation meds that would knock an adult on their behinds … and she was still awake. Poor pumpkin did NOT like the vent and I can’t say I blame her.

They removed the vent this afternoon around 1:30pm. She had her first bottle around 8pm and took almost 5 oz. She’s like a new woman with the vent gone.

She had to be given some blood this afternoon and she’s very pink and rosy.

Dr. Lapik (pediatric cardiologist) is on call tonight – he said that Olivia’s chest tubes (she has three) will be removed tomorrow. We may move up to the 8th floor tomorrow and possibly be home by Friday!

The PICU is hopping this week with Heart kids. There are 5 of them currently in the PICU and up on the 8th floor. I’ve talked to one of the mom’s and we plan on having breakfast together in the morning. It’s amazing how this has allowed us to connect.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m going to head to bed and hopefully Olivia’s night is smooth sailing.

We’ll be in touch again soon.

Tricia, Arnie, Maddie and the new and improved Olivia

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