PICU day 2

Olivia had a very quiet night. Desiree gave her a bath.  She is resting well and very peaceful.  She ate well.

The atrium line and the last tube will be removed on 11/19.

Katie removed the 2 chest tubes and the pacer wires out at 9AM.

Jenna and Kerry Olivia’s nurses today

The plan for today:

Lasix 2x a day
Miliralone – stopping

Capriprol 3 x a day

Dr. Heller stopped by:  Olivia is a “stellar patient”. She “knew she’d do well. She could teach other patients some tricks!”  Said we’d be home by Saturday.

Jake (resident) stopped by.  Ran a test to determine her bleeding time and it came back “elevated”.  Going to give her Vitamin K shot and investigating liver function and checking certain clotting factors.

Second test shows levels still off. Keeping an eye on it.  May have hemotology check her in the morning.

Olivia was a smiley girl tonight and was definitely feeling better :)

Andrea (resident) on call tonight. Desiree night nurse again.

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