First full day in the PICU

First full day in PICU.

Got a call from Desiree at 5AM. Olivia would not settle down so they wanted me to try and calm her. They had given her enough sedation meds to knock out an adult yet it did nothing for her.  There were 5 heart kids on the floor and they were all wild that night.  I walked into PICU to find Jake (resident) attempting to comfort my poor Princess. I was unable to hold her but put one hand under her bottom and the other on her head and just whispered to her attemping to comfort her.

Her BP went up during the night so they started her on hypertension meds.

For rounds today the plan is the following:

Extubate her from the vent today.
back off the hypertension meds.
She’s gotten 3 calcium and one potassium doses.
She will be getting a blood transfusion (80 ml – 15 mg / kg).

She is still on the Fentinal drip, but the dose will be cut in half.

Kathy is the day nurse and Kerry is helping out.

Olivia is extubated at 1:30pm. The FIRST thing I did was kiss those sweet lips.

Dr. Lapik was cardiologist on call. Said we *might* be released as early as Friday!

Claire took over for Kathy around 4pm.

Desiree night nurse. Laura (resident) on call.

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