Glenn surgery notes

Bidirectional Glenn Surgery

We arrived at 6:30AM.  Fran was our nurse.  Olivia’s Oxygen sats were 66%. Pulse was 149 and BP was 90/31.

Anesthesia was Tony Fernandez and Betsy (RN)

Betsy took Olivia down at 7:50AM.  We were told surgery would be around 5 hours.  They set us up in the Family Suites (the NEW new ones) which helped pass the time.  At 1:20PM Arnie went to find out what the situation was: they were closing her up so it wouldn’t be much longer.  At 2pm, Melissa (nurse from PICU) came and got us – Olivia was back :)

Jenna was Olivia’s nurse and Jake was the resident on call.

We talked to Katie (Dr. Mello’s PA) and got the scoop:

Olivia was on heart / lung bypass for about 80 minutes. They didn’t stop her heart, just slowed her down.  They did not need to make her “cold” which was such a relief for both of us.They removed the shunt while in there.  Prior to surgery Olivia’s sats dropped to the 50’s so we had surgery at the right time.

Her oxygen should not be under 75%.

At 2:45pm her vitals:

HR 151
BP 86/42
Oxygen: 77
Resp: 30 (breathing over the ventilator).

Her Meds:
Dopamine – heart
Milirinone – heart
Fentinal – sedation and pain
Adavan – sedation
Anceph – antibiotic

Her calcuim and potassium was low so they gave her both.

She was given vecuronium to cause temporary paralysis so they could retape the vent tube.

Her BP was low and so they gave her Albumin to increase her blood volume.

At 4:10PM she had a temp of 101º.  At 4:55pm she had a temp of 100.7 º so they gave her tylenol.

Dr. Heller was on call and ordered a fentinal drip as Olivia would not settle down, she was very restless on the vent.

Desiree was our night nurse.

At 9:30PM vitals:

HR 148
Oxygen 79
Resp: 25

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