4 month checkup

Olivia weighed in 11lbs, 15 oz this morning. She is 24.5″ long and her head was 40.5cm

Dr. Friedman didn’t agree with the “no vaccines” comment by Dr. Mello so while we were in the office she called his office. After she talked to both Katie and Dr. Ayer they agreed to let Arnie and I decide whether or not to give them to her today or to wait. Dr. Mello’s office was concerned that Olivia would get a fever and we’d have to postpone surgery.  Dr. Friedman is concerned that Olivia could catch something due to her lack of spleen.

Arnie and I decided to have her shots done today. She will get her Synagis shot in the hospital.

Dr. Friedman gave us the greenlight to start Olivia on solids. We can give her rice, oat and barley cereal and any / all stage 1 fruits and veggies.  We gave her some oatmeal and applesauce this afternoon. She wasn’t thrilled with nor did she hate it.  We’ll keep trying …

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