8 week checkup

It was a 10 week checkup but still.

Olivia now weighs 10 lbs, 3 oz and is 22.25″ long! She’s gained an entire pound in the last month.  As far as charts go, she’s in the 40th percentile for height and weight which is perfect. Dr. Friedman said Olivia’s heart is allowing her body to grow as to what her genetic makeup wants her to be.

And speaking of genetics, we finally got the genetic test results back thanks to a lot of hard work and some magic by one of our very special angels in our life.  Dr. Friedman said the test shows an “entirely normal results of Olivia’s chromosomes”.  So that’s just perfect news.

I asked about her head (it’s got a funny shape to the back of it – almost like an egg attached to it). She said it’s completely normal and she’ll outgrow it.

Olivia got 4 shots today.

Olivia has to get the synagis shot to prevent RSV. She’ll start getting it in November and then every month until April. The first shot is administered at the Dr office and then after it’s taken care of by a home health care nurse who’ll come to the house.

She thinks Olivia might have a cow’s milk allergy that caused the blood in her stool last Friday evening. She told me to test it by having a lot of dairy and seeing if there is mucus or blood in her stool.

Dr. Friedman gave us a lead on someone to watch Olivia at home. We will start the process of following up on that once we have a date for Olivia’s next heart surgery which will be anytime in the next 3 months or so.

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