NST Test at Hartford Hospital

NST Test at Hartford Hospital

Our final doctor appointment!

Both Olivia and I did fantastic.  My urine was good. Blood pressure was 98/60.  Olivia’s heart rate was between 143-170.

Dr. Cortland, Arnie and I had a talk today about how things will go on Monday.  She happens to be on call Monday night so she will be seeing us when we get there! And she will definitely be delivering us on Tuesday.

My cervix is still pretty closed up so she feels I may need two doses of the cervix softening medicine to get things moving.  Most times this medicine will actually put someone into labor and if that’s the case I may not need pitocin.

We discussed the epidural. While I definitely plan on having one, I also don’t want to have one too early to stall labor.  That being said, my concern is that if I don’t get an epidural early enough and God Forbid need an emergency C-Section I would need to be knocked out.  Dr. Cortland said they can insert the cath early and just turn on the epidural when I need it.  I was very relieved to hear that.

Dr. Cortland plans on contacting Hartford Hospital this week to verify my delivery plan is all in place. She is also going to call over to Dr. Mello’s office as a reminder to them that Olivia will be born next week.  It’s nice to know she’s taking care of everything for us.

She feels Olivia will most likely be born between 8AM and 12:00 noon.

We discussed who will be in the delivery room:  A person (or persons?) from the NICU will be there for Olivia, along with Dr. Cortland and a few nurses.

Dr. Cortland feels that Olivia is going to handle labor well as she has looked fantastic in all our tests thus far.  She did ask in a round about way if we wanted them to do everything to save the baby in the case of an emergency.  And I told her Olivia was the #1 priority. I’m #2.  Do whatever it takes to keep her alive and give her a fighting chance. We haven’t come all this way for nothing.

The next update will be from either myself updating everyone on my progress or from Gina announcing Olivia’s arrival!

Finally, I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for supporting us these past 5 months.  I can honestly say I’ve felt so calm about everything because I know we have the full support of all our friends and family.  That and all the angels surrounding Olivia.  Please keep the prayers coming, they are working and we feel them surround us.

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