Level II ultrasound at Hartford Hospital

Level II ultrasound at Hartford Hospital

Today was our final level II ultrasound.

As we were waiting to be called into the U/S appt, there was another woman waiting with us. We started chatting. I could have sworn she was having twins but I didn’t ask. Turns out she was just having a rough pregnancy – diabetes before she got pregnant and now she is up to 4 shots of insulin a day!  Thank GOD I didn’t open my mouth and insert my foot!

I was really impressed with the office today – when we checked in they told us they were running a half hour late. At least we knew … and it turned out we only waited 15 minutes.

Sandra was the u/s technician. There was also a med student who asked to be present. Considering how “interesting” our case is, I really didn’t have the heart to turn her away.

Olivia looks FANTASTIC! She weighs 6 lbs, 12 oz already! They expect her to be about 8 lbs+ at delivery!

The doctor we saw was Dr. Borgida – he was the doctor we saw for our first u/s AFTER we found out. He was wonderful back then and was amazing today. We got some amazing views of Olivia’s heart and nothing’s changed. IMO, he spent a good amount of time on her heart because of the med student but I was happy to see it is still growing – even though it’s still F’ed up

He told us that he doesn’t believe Olivia has craniostenotosis (or whatever it’s called). Her head isn’t perfectly round but he said it normally would be VERY severe at this point and she’s not there.

I could have cried and hugged him at the same time. I kept thinking “I love this man!”

I requested they check my BP as my OB forgot this week – it was 92/70 and the woman who took it couldn’t believe it. “Perfect BP … I’m shocked! Especially for sitting up!”

Today’s appointment was JUST what I needed. Arnie and I went to lunch after (had time to kill before our 2pm tour of the PICU) and I kept saying to him that I felt like running around the parking lot with my arms raised screaming “WOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO”. The “head thing” was really bothering me deep down. I’m so relieved!!!

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