Non stress test, 36 week checkup

Non Stress Test, 36 week checkup

Olivia’s NST was great although she fell asleep toward the end of the test.  Heart rate was 140-180 today.

My appointment went well. I had my Group B Strep today and an internal exam.  If I do test positive for Group B, I will have another IV of antibiotics during labor to protect Olivia from contracting it.  Internal – I am “open in the front and closed in the back” which she said was good and what is to be expected at this point in my pregnancy.

We discussed her philosophy on some “hot topic” issues for me regarding delivery.  Thankfully she and I see eye to eye on episiotomies, forceps and vacuum deliveries as being necessary only in emergency situations.

I also asked about the timeline of events regarding the induction. I will be checked in at 8pm on July 19th.  Pitocin will start between midnight and 1AM.  The goal is to get Olivia born in the daytime.

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